The Church’s feast of the Most Holy Trinity occurs at the end of May or the beginning of June every year, and it gives us an occasion to reflect deeply on the reality of Our Lady’s love for the Blessed Trinity. Mary’s relationship with each Divine Person is a source of inspiration, intercession, and fulfillment for us.

Baptismal Grace
Each of us was baptized into the very life of the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The sanctifying grace of their divine Presence entered into us and transformed us from children of darkness into children of light, says St. Paul (Ephesians 5:8). We may have been tiny children at that moment, but we were “new creations” by the power of the Holy Trinity and the sacramental ministry of the Church.
The Virgin Mary had the same sanctifying grace that we receive in Baptism; yet, she had it from the first moment of her existence. This truth is not often articulated by theologians and preachers, but it is still an obvious fact that the sinless Mary did not need to be baptized! She was already “full of grace” (Luke 1:28), meaning she was filled with the Trinitarian life even before the Sacrament of Baptism was established.
These are truly astounding thoughts!

Each Person
I recall when a beautiful realization about the sacraments came to one young person while I was teaching a Confirmation class some years ago. “Oh!” she blurted out in class. “I get it. In Baptism we enter into a relationship with God the Father. In Eucharist, we become one with God the Son, and in Confirmation we receive the life of the Holy Spirit!”
I only wish everyone could feel her same youthful enthusiasm for the marvelous truths of the Faith! In applying this truth to Our Lady, we can see that the Virgin Mary has a unique relationship with each Person of the Most Holy Trinity:
She is the daughter of the eternal Father. In Our Lady we find the fulfillment of the ancient symbol, the “Daughter of Zion”. She sums up in herself the long history of Israel’s faithful remnant (Isaiah 10:20; Jeremiah 31:7; Micah 2:12; Zephaniah 3:13).
Mary is the mother of the eternal Son, the perfect vessel and doorway through which Christ entered into His sacred humanity.
She is also the spouse of the divine Spirit who “overshadowed” (Luke 1:35) her on the day of the Annunciation and brought about a union of the divine and human through her “Yes” to God’s Will. She was also in the Upper Room with the disciples on the Day of Pentecost when the Church was born.

The New Eve
One cannot imagine a more perfect relationship with the Most Holy Trinity than our Blessed Mother had. It is rightly said by many Fathers of the Church that Our Lady “reversed the curse” of our first mother, Eve, and reestablished the very possibility that mankind could once again enter into the divine life that had been lost by sin.
Mary is the “New Eve,” and it is no wonder that Mary exercises a constant care for her children throughout history in the form of apparitions and tangible graces of her presence. She is a missionary of the Trinitarian God throughout human history.
I once read of a missionary martyr who, in his time of imprisonment and torture, received visitations in prison by the Virgin Mary and was given special graces to persevere. Our Blessed Mother has a tender love for those who make great sacrifices of fidelity to her Son and His Church.

“Ordinary” Graces
In June we return to Ordinary Time even though our Coronavirus-plagued world is no longer “ordinary” in any sense. This is our time to turn to Mary, Undoer of knots to ask special graces and favors in times of suffering. Mary is the perfect channel of all the graces of heaven and may obtain any favor she asks from God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We must increase the fervor of our prayer in turning to her with great trust and confidence.
We ask her to undo the knots of suffering and pain that we or those around us experience. She stood at the foot of the Cross and understands every possible human suffering. When we need light for a decision, we ask her to bring the divine light as she has brought to every saint and sinner who asked for it through the ages.
Above all, we ask her to deepen the grace of our Baptism within us, that we too may experience the strengthening of our love of the Trinitarian God through her. She is the only person in history who has known Him perfectly from the very beginning of her existence.

By Peter Darcy
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