We publish today the testimony of JM, who, while he was going through a very difficult period, prayed the novena to Mary who unties knots, and was answered. He thanks Mary who undoes knots for having healed him.


Greetings! Thank you for all your care and all that you do! I am writing to give my testimonial to how powerful, meditative and effective the novena of Mama Mary who unties knots! The novena prayers came to me during a dark time in my life through my sister who suggested I try this prayer. I was heavily depressed and constantly had anxiety attacks. Through the nine days of prayer, I found peace and comfort. That peace of mind and calmness which is only brought by having the feeling of a mother who \ »always listens and always believes\ ». The novena prayers saved me from depression and has answered my prayers! Now I am leading a more charitable and prayerful life. Thank you Mama Mary, who unties knots!

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